Tuesday, March 15, 2011

silver balls

mmmm..... I'm loving this!

Shiny silver metal beads, in sizes 4, 6 & 10.
I first tried my hands with size 6, they proved too delicious that I just had to have more!
Sizes 4 & 10 arrived yesterday and I have been oooh-ing & aaah-ing over them ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

february round up

Happy things happened in February, for that alone I'm grateful ;)

I didn't have much beading time last month (occupied with Chinese New Year celebrations taking up a whole week), and I mostly spent the little time that I had on local orders, which is an excuse why only 9 new pieces up over at Etsy!

New supplies are due to arrive anytime now, (think lightbulb charms, mirror pendants.... absolutely adorable stuff!) so I predict March is a month I'll be spending my day having fun at working on new designs!

Time to brainstorm some ideas before the parcel arrives, as (happy) chaos is almost guaranteed!

 I'm in the midst of securing a small booth at a major mall in the city, if I decided to take it up I would most probably be holed up working on it for the rest of the month, which means neglecting this blog & my etsy quite a bit.....
decisions, decisions to make!!

parcel from america

Surprises from the mailmen is always the best thing to start the day ;)

This is a giveaway prize I have won, comes wrapped in a cloth bag with a very sweet handwritten message, a lot of thought has been put into packaging.

This is something like a DIY kit, will definitely post it up once I have worked on it ;)