Monday, July 11, 2011

fabulous pink


Taken over at my new room, will be moving in end of July.
pink walls!

I'm grateful for my new home, grateful for a new lovely 'studio' to work in (a corner in my bedroom), grateful for the large storage spaces & definitely grateful for my pink walls ;)

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As I'm writing this, I can't help but reflect if that is all I'm grateful about, pretty shallow don't you think?
I guess even without all the excitement surrounding my new house, I'm just grateful to be alive & well.
as reminded from my devotion time last night "my goodness is nothing apart from You"
The world is not my home, a truth I need to be reminded of, not be sidetracked by the shiny toys of the world....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

june round up

clockwise from top: 

I have been hardworking! :)
A (can I say whopping?) total of 14 items listed in my etsy store during the 30 days of June.
 Would have been 15 if I did not spend hours editing bracelet length details on friday, reworking on all bracelets one by one, must say that was tiring!
Let me know if you think any parts of it needs to be clearer for potential buyers, thanks for your suggestion!
 Sales wise was alright but I heard views are generally lower during summertime in the northern hemisphere?

Anyway, for July I do hope I'll be able to continue listing new items at this same rate, considering I'll be busy moving to my new home (YAY!) and a new shipment of supplies are arriving end of the month (double yay!)
Off to finalize my new bead stock now, ciao ;)

Friday, July 1, 2011

convertible chain

new at my etsy store, am extremely excited about this, do read on :)
a cool way of getting the most out of you money ;)

This is what you will be getting:
With just 1 chain, you can turn all of my bracelets into necklaces

For example: Starlight bracelet

link up the convertible chain & wear it as a necklace!
Makes your jewellery all the more versatile ;)

full details available HERE