Thursday, November 25, 2010


I like looking at hand stamped jewellery, but if you were to offer me one I would have no idea what to 'stamp' on it. I'm not one who likes to wear my name on my neck, not fond of family names either, probably a favourite Scripture (that would be hard too as I have too many favourites), but then again Scriptures are way too long to fit into a tiny little pendant.

Finally, I found one I really like, here it is:

Necklace found here  @ The Rusted Chain

The word 'soar' has a special place in my heart, "soaring on wings like eagles", so goes Isaiah :)

I was loaned a book on eagles by a friend in church, it talks about how majestic eagles are, and how they soar above the storm (literally). 

Admittedly I didn't finish the book before returning so that is basically all I can remember, doesn't matter, eagles are still cool.
(I like owls as well, guess I caught the etsy bug too!)

Back to the necklace, I will get it one fine day when I feel rich ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

having way too much!

I was working on a necklace the other day and couldn't find the filigree I wanted. I searched through boxes and boxes for a whole 10 minutes before finding it in my toggle & chain box.... I have always prided myself on being able to remember where I kept every single item, to the smallest beads! Daddy said this to me many times 'You must have really good memory to remember all this!', to which I would smile proudly at him.

the filigrees I was looking for, hidden snugly at the bottom of the box!
necklace made, can be seen HERE

Guess this time my 'pride bubble' has burst! ;)
and an indication that I should probably control my bead hoarding business, haha
but isn't that what all beaders do? we accumulate & heap up all the time!

Speaking of that, I have gotten some new toggles to add to my stockpile!

my favourite of the lot are the ones on the bottom left.

oh gosh, just remembered I have a parcel at post office yet to be collected...
more hoarding, I never seem to learn, yikes!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

diy clock

I'll be moving to a new home sometime next year, renovation work has just started so I still have plenty of time to plan out my room's furniture & designs. The only thing I have decided as of now is the wall colour - a light shade of peach!

I have got to figure out the layout of my crafting area too (of utmost importance!), it has to have a huge workspace for all my beading & sewing needs. 

Here's one that I like, white furniture sure looks good but with the amount of dust here in malaysia, I would have to wipe them very often, not very practical IMO.

from oh, hello friend

Big matters aside, little things like a diy clock is up on my list too.

tutorial here
I'm so glad to have found this, saves all my time & effort in looking for a clock that matches as I can customize it entirely on my own.

The tutorial looks simple enough, but I dare not say it would turn up successful, we shall see when the house is ready next year ;)


Got a new wallpaper, yay, a pretty desktop makes me happy :)
Found this over at oh, hello friend.

She provides 4 sizes catered to different screen resolutions.
Direct link HERE.

Monday, November 1, 2010

october round up

Hello november, october sure has passed us by fast!

Cloud vector credits:
  Here are the jewellery made in october, a total of 12 pieces. My target has always been 3 pieces a week so having 12 last month was just nice. (of course I wouldn't resent if I made more!)
My other more lofty target was to have my etsy store reaching 4 pages of items, failed...
I have completed the local bulk order (will be posting the photos here soon) so right now I'm free to concentrate on creating more pieces, first piece for november:

up in store tonight!
Feel free to share with me whether october has been kind to you :)