Thursday, November 25, 2010


I like looking at hand stamped jewellery, but if you were to offer me one I would have no idea what to 'stamp' on it. I'm not one who likes to wear my name on my neck, not fond of family names either, probably a favourite Scripture (that would be hard too as I have too many favourites), but then again Scriptures are way too long to fit into a tiny little pendant.

Finally, I found one I really like, here it is:

Necklace found here  @ The Rusted Chain

The word 'soar' has a special place in my heart, "soaring on wings like eagles", so goes Isaiah :)

I was loaned a book on eagles by a friend in church, it talks about how majestic eagles are, and how they soar above the storm (literally). 

Admittedly I didn't finish the book before returning so that is basically all I can remember, doesn't matter, eagles are still cool.
(I like owls as well, guess I caught the etsy bug too!)

Back to the necklace, I will get it one fine day when I feel rich ;)

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