Saturday, February 9, 2013

rainy day

Windowsill, taken on a rainy day.

All urgent orders for Valentine's & Chinese New Year were sent out in the morning, and the rest of the work needs to be attended to only after my CNY break. So between now and when I brace the jams and leave for hometown, I have 2 free days where there's no 'to-do list'
Very rare occurrence.... And I'm not used to it.

Being so accustomed to working from day to night, where even all my interests are somehow related to work (photography, photoshop, small businesses articles etc), having an unplanned day of rest feels somewhat odd, rather lost.
There's always the fear of wasting time lingering in me...

I think I have a work addiction, I love it too much :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

on the table

Snapshots from the table.
Received a new batch of supplies recently, ordered them months ago so I couldn't remember what were in all those boxes. Puzzling how much of pink I ordered, must had a pink idea in mind? Either that or I submitted the wrong codes...
Anyway, there's always a use for them! Time to sort them out :)