Monday, April 25, 2011

handstitched charm

I was caught up with display deco (for my local retail store) last week, here's one with me stitching the backing for my birdcage.

I used white embroidery thread, it's not very even nor neat but there's something about hand stitching that makes it very intriguing :)

oh, and if you are wondering what is this birdcage for.......

to hang necklaces!
A tad too many I admit, but it looks fun to rummage through & find the perfect treasure :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

asymmetrical fun

I have been liking asymmetrical pieces lately, it's just so fun when desinging and choosing which beads would go well contrasting the other side.
Here are a few I have made:
After Dark

I made this sometime last year, right after I laid my hands on these shiny silver beads.

Teal Tale
 This was made last month, signaling the beginning of my asymmetrical love ;)

Followed by this...
When it comes to favourite styles, I can never leave out pink & purple, my all time favourite colours :)
Matte soft lilac + that birdhouse charm, major ♥♥

Right now I'm embarking on a new colour, light yellow sprinkled with juicy lime green.
Will be making this today, *excited* ! :))

Monday, April 18, 2011

treasure chest

How pretty is this? I was certainly lucky to have found this palm size treasure chest snugly hidden in a home deco store.

 The size is perfect to display bracelets in my retail store, was so glad I managed to get this it (it was the last one, or else I would have bought a couple more!)

Close Up
I love its wooden, rough finishing :)

I used it temporarily to store jewellery materials that I was going to work on, these eventually became charm bracelets.
(21 of them, but I forgot to take pics of the finished pieces, they are all at my retail store right now!)

Here are a couple of charms that I really like.
Especially my latest loot- the 3D teapot in the center ;)

With this last photo, I'm joining the 'much love monday' fun 

have a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Having a retail space means I simply have to have a large inventory, ie multiple pieces of a design

Here's one of them- Sorella, a simple bracelet I really like :)

I'm making this in yellow & purple as well, apart from the original pink listed in store.
(if you would like these new colours, let me know via etsy, I'll make it for you)

curtain of hearts 

Friday, April 15, 2011

read list

I have a bad habit of not finishing books, I will read everything up to the last few chapters and then ditch it aside. So basically I almost never 'finished reading a book'

probably the only book I would read that is marked as 'theology'

This morning I dug out one my dad bought last year, I remembered I enjoyed it but somehow I just didn't read till the last page, this time round I'm determined to read from beginning to end, wish me luck!

I'm waiting for my local bookstore to have a store wide sale, April was always the month but it's mid-month already and still no sign of any sale coming up :(
I'm planning to get this:

this is a novel btw :)

and maybe this:
was recommended by the bookstore owner, but I wasn't convinced then! ;)

would love more recommendations, loveliest moment of the day is when I have a good book in hand, ready for bed.
Simple pleasures are sometimes the best!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

march round up

Springtime Butterflies

In short, march just flew past me...
I worked extremely hard, making jewellery round the clock for my retail debut on April 15.
I rented a 1 meter table (3 feet) from a boutique located in a shopping mall, this will mark my first foray offline!

Very excited, I'm almost ready with a couple more simple 1 charm bracelets to complete and admin work left to do.

Sorry that this blog has been neglected while my etsy store was updated with 5 new items only throughout the month, I promise to make it up by listing more designs sometime late April, right after I get my retail spot done :)

 Lots of new designs were made last month, do give me some time to take photos & you will see them available really soon!