Friday, April 15, 2011

read list

I have a bad habit of not finishing books, I will read everything up to the last few chapters and then ditch it aside. So basically I almost never 'finished reading a book'

probably the only book I would read that is marked as 'theology'

This morning I dug out one my dad bought last year, I remembered I enjoyed it but somehow I just didn't read till the last page, this time round I'm determined to read from beginning to end, wish me luck!

I'm waiting for my local bookstore to have a store wide sale, April was always the month but it's mid-month already and still no sign of any sale coming up :(
I'm planning to get this:

this is a novel btw :)

and maybe this:
was recommended by the bookstore owner, but I wasn't convinced then! ;)

would love more recommendations, loveliest moment of the day is when I have a good book in hand, ready for bed.
Simple pleasures are sometimes the best!

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