Tuesday, November 16, 2010

having way too much!

I was working on a necklace the other day and couldn't find the filigree I wanted. I searched through boxes and boxes for a whole 10 minutes before finding it in my toggle & chain box.... I have always prided myself on being able to remember where I kept every single item, to the smallest beads! Daddy said this to me many times 'You must have really good memory to remember all this!', to which I would smile proudly at him.

the filigrees I was looking for, hidden snugly at the bottom of the box!
necklace made, can be seen HERE

Guess this time my 'pride bubble' has burst! ;)
and an indication that I should probably control my bead hoarding business, haha
but isn't that what all beaders do? we accumulate & heap up all the time!

Speaking of that, I have gotten some new toggles to add to my stockpile!

my favourite of the lot are the ones on the bottom left.

oh gosh, just remembered I have a parcel at post office yet to be collected...
more hoarding, I never seem to learn, yikes!


  1. Lovely necklace!! Thanks so much for visiting my little blog..I answered your glitter question ;-)

    Have a wonderful day.

    Janet xox