Tuesday, November 2, 2010

diy clock

I'll be moving to a new home sometime next year, renovation work has just started so I still have plenty of time to plan out my room's furniture & designs. The only thing I have decided as of now is the wall colour - a light shade of peach!

I have got to figure out the layout of my crafting area too (of utmost importance!), it has to have a huge workspace for all my beading & sewing needs. 

Here's one that I like, white furniture sure looks good but with the amount of dust here in malaysia, I would have to wipe them very often, not very practical IMO.

from oh, hello friend

Big matters aside, little things like a diy clock is up on my list too.

tutorial here
I'm so glad to have found this, saves all my time & effort in looking for a clock that matches as I can customize it entirely on my own.

The tutorial looks simple enough, but I dare not say it would turn up successful, we shall see when the house is ready next year ;)


  1. hi :) love your jewellery, very quirky and beautiful!

    i also love the diy clock...im the same, i want a clock but cant find one i like! i think i will have to try this one!

    thank you for your lovely comment too, i always appreciate feedback!

    thank you
    Krystal x