Monday, July 11, 2011

fabulous pink


Taken over at my new room, will be moving in end of July.
pink walls!

I'm grateful for my new home, grateful for a new lovely 'studio' to work in (a corner in my bedroom), grateful for the large storage spaces & definitely grateful for my pink walls ;)

Linking up over at Much Love

As I'm writing this, I can't help but reflect if that is all I'm grateful about, pretty shallow don't you think?
I guess even without all the excitement surrounding my new house, I'm just grateful to be alive & well.
as reminded from my devotion time last night "my goodness is nothing apart from You"
The world is not my home, a truth I need to be reminded of, not be sidetracked by the shiny toys of the world....


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  2. I once had pink walls. The color looks great, and the bracelet looks especially nice in such pink surroundings. Happy Much Love Monday. Lola / Buddhatropolis

  3. well, it's always important for us to be grateful for the little though insignificant things in life! :) so dont feel bad about feeling happy over little things! dropping by from MLM! :)