Tuesday, June 21, 2011

may round up

a post that is way too late, almost irrelevant now, oops!
I don't have the habit of blogging regularly (yet!), maintaining this blog is always one of the last things on my mind, which explains why this place is so sorely neglected, sorry!

anyway, back to talking about May, the first 3 weeks were really great, I thought it would be my best month yet, but sales abruptly stopped at the last week, both etsy & local stores.
Locally I guess it was due to exam time but internationally I'm still inexperienced to notice any trends. I have read enough 'business articles' to know sales come in waves so during the quiet period I took the chance to brainstorm new styles and ended up creating many new pieces :))

Some are already listed on my etsy store, more coming soon! 

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