Monday, October 10, 2011

serptember '11 round up

Monthly post late, again....

clockwise from top left: 

September has been busy, especially ongoing works of revamping my local website has taken up a large chunk of time, couldn't bead as much as I would have liked!

Glad that the site is almost ready, just bits & pieces, here & there left to tweak. Finally this HTML jargon battle is almost won :)) cracking codes & interpreting funny symbols aren't my idea of fun, but there is this sense of satisfaction when all turns out well upon clicking 'preview'.
Ahh.... relieve all over! ;)

Anyway, busy times will continue this month too, I have a bracelet series planned (may not list on etsy) & lots more ideas to work on. At least once the site makeover is completed, I get to do things in my usual, relaxing way, blissful times to be appreciated :)

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