Monday, May 23, 2011

brand new week

taken from my jewellery notebook, where i scribble ideas, note down orders & a to-do list i never really bother

I love Mondays, the fresh start of the week :)
& I love the bead shopping trip last weekend!

For the rest of the week, with more beads added to my collection, I'll be in jewellery making mode.
New & restocked old ones, it's quite a lot to sort through... can't wait to get this done.
Among the new beads are shiny-cum-matte glass pearls, in the most awesome turquoise shade ;)
will show it here one day!


  1. oh, i'll look forward to seeing your creations! found you at 'much love monday'. will follow along to make sure i dont miss out

    xx em

  2. i just went over to your shop! some great things, will you ship to australia?

  3. cute photo.
    Have fun jewellery making! :)

  4. Cute. I am going to have a look at some of your jewelery now. :)

  5. thank you for the comments, pretty sure this week is gonna be fun, my fingers are itching already ;)

    the beetle shack, yes i do, shipping to australia takes about 10 working days. let me know if you do proceed with the purchase, thanks!