Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have got a local buyer who loves pearls, she asked me to make her a set, here's what I came up with:

 Kept it simple with 2 hearts dangling off :)

I rarely make earrings these days, once in a while I accept requests and this pair is made to match the bracelet or worn as it is.
I don't have fresh water pearls in teardrop shape so I suggested cream coloured glass pearls, topped off with Swarovski crystal on top. 

Talking about custom orders, here's another one I made recently, one of my favourite designs ever!

Theme: Dark Angel

It's made of layers of chain, with 2 of them weaved together.
I tried it on as well, it's a bit small for me but I just wanted to take a photo of it to show the hanging chains :)

I'm always happy to receive custom requests, extremely flattering that buyers trust me in putting together their ideas :) at times I don't even believe it, sounds like something too good to be true for someone as ordinary as me... 

Thank you ♥

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