Thursday, September 8, 2011

blue hues // work for today

 When I first got these beads out, I planned to make a cluster bracelet with them, but after tinkering around and adding bits of charms, a flower etc, it turned out to be an asymmetrical piece instead.

This happens most of the time, if I were to summarize my work flow, this is it:
an idea comes to mind and I take out all the necessary materials, arrange and tweak, change the sequence, add more beads then tweak, pin them up and tweak the design again...
   resulting in a finished piece that is almost always totally different or bear just a slight resemblance to the original.

I have since learned no matter how I feel about the first draft, never to give up on it, because with all the fine-tuning, the final piece will be something I love! :)

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