Monday, September 19, 2011

pink iris // work for today

Hello :)
I'm still quite terrible in keeping this place updated on a frequent basis, I was enthusiastic about blogging for a week or two, and then got caught up with more orders last week (& a fun afternoon spent with best friends), which unfortunately meant blogging here is relegated in my to-do list.

Over the past week I have taken many photos that were meant for work for today posts, still sorting through them but here's a piece but I really liked working on.

Custom order: Working on 3 pieces of Iris (pale pink version)

I have always preferred more vivid colours, eg deep pink or fuchsia so I thought it was a challenge to try solely lighter shades.
Luckily I have accumulated quite a big stash of light pink beads (bought with the intention of using them as fillers only) and seeing the completed piece, I must say I like this as much as the original, if not more! ;)

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