Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ask and ye shall be given

I have a knack for stories, I like reading the lives and experiences of ordinary people, which leads me to books like Chicken Soup. My mum bought me the teenage ones & another called 'tough stuff' when I was younger. The other day I re-read Cup of Comfort: for Christians (mum bought this 4 years ago when I wasn't a Christian yet but I enjoyed reading it anyway) and I casually mentioned I would like to buy Chicken Soup for Christians, while lamenting how expensive it was (books are generally expensive here in Malaysia!)

published in 1997

No, I didn't get it in the end, I don't feel rich yet ;)

Couple days later mum was dusting the shelves and out of the corner of my eye I saw Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul. I have totally forgotten about this, it was given to me by dad's colleague during a tough time in life. Didn't matter that it wasn't what I specifically wanted, I felt like a little prayer of mine is answered, hallelujah! (I didn't even pray actually, I always feel things like these are too small matters for prayers. I certainly have got more to learn, the fact that He knows when a strand of hair falls from my head, nothing is too insignificant then)

Like mum said 'see? ask and it shall be given!'
Like I said, I did not ask, but He knows better ;)

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