Friday, December 17, 2010


Had a belated birthday buffet lunch with my friends today. I stuffed myself so much that I was too full for dinner (sin of gluttony?). I seldom go for buffets as I'm a small eater, buffets are simply a waste of money for me :) which is good in a way, less guilty pleasures!

I told my friends not to get me presents this year as most of the time I have no need/use for them, save the $$. I did receive some mini candy canes though, how cute! Oh, and a huge handmade card too with sweet messages written all over, that meant much more to me than a store bought plushie or teddy bear :)

am glad I don't have a sweet tooth, this would have sent me straight to the dentist if I were to finish all!

After the heavy lunch, I made this customized bracelet for a local customer. I'm not too fond of silver actually, preferring the rustic old charm of antique brass but it was a refreshing change to work with different materials once in a while :)

I really like the teeny weeny heart charms that dangle from the chain, how I wish I have them in antique brass too, that would be so cool!

Off to source.... Have a nice weekend!

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