Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fast ship tip

photo credit: 42things
The etsy forum has a great deal of info, but if I'm not careful I can spend all my beading time browsing through threads, there are just so much to read! While I learnt many things from various experienced sellers, I have significantly cut down the time spent there recently and found myself more productive ;)
Nevertheless was extremely glad I dropped by a couple of days ago and found this thread by uniquedichroic.

With the extra 4 digits, it cuts down on processing time whereby parcel is sent right to the district / town post office directly, instead of going to the main PO and gets sorted again, this shaves off a day or two :)

 The bulk of my etsy buyers reside in the US so this is really useful for me, even if it is only a day quicker I believe buyers do appreciate it.
I'll definitely be visiting the USPS website a whole lot more often!

Let me know if you find this helpful :)

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