Friday, January 14, 2011

this mess inspires me

A peek into my work bench!
Note: While taking this photo, I carefully avoided the the messier end of the table, those are wayyy too cluttered to be seen *shy* ;)

I'm pretty sure my family thinks the table an eyesore, mum constantly wonders how I could do actual work amidst the heap of stuff, "why not just clean them up & be more productive?"
But the whole point is- this pile of 'mess' is my source of inspiration :)
Seriously, sometimes 2 beads strewn on the table just happen to roll into each other and I knew that combination would make a great bracelet!

Anyway 2 days ago I was staying over at the hospital, a night prior to the admission I tidied (sort of) the place. Now that I'm back to beading full swing, there you go, chaotic again! 
(why did I even bother, haha!)
I packed all my jewelry supplies I needed to catch up on my local buyers' orders, was planning to make 5 bracelets but in the end I managed to complete 2 1/2 pieces only.
Short of what I planned but it was alright considering I was feeling under the weather those 2 days, hospitals are so depressing!

Something good did happen though, the nurses attending to me saw I was busy fiddling with my pliers and took a look, they called more of their colleaugeus into the room and just before discharging, I received 2 orders!


  1. I know what you mean, I find it hard to be inspired if everything is hidden away and tidy. I need mess and clutter. A least a little :)

  2. hi melody, yes, I agree on a little mess, but that little pile sure grows quick for me! ;)