Thursday, January 27, 2011

wallpaper// january

I have a little fascination with desktop wallpapers, I mean they are the easiest to change with a click, plenty of designs to choose from & most importantly, free!

Last year, I had monthly calender wallpapers.
I didn't post the December one here, it was in soft, milky blue with snowflakes all over, very soothing design.
(note: I always borrow my brother's computer so when I talk about the wallpapers, it means on his desktop, which he isn't too pleased about, claiming my choices are too girly & too 'me')

Have been busy this whole January that I didn't have time browsing for a new one, was glad when I stumbled upon some Fossil goodness via Danni's blog.

I'm currently using this:


I decided to be a lil more considerate this time (ha!), picking something that might interest my lil brother instead of these two:

actually, if the birdies are on the right, I would use this right away!


  1. I love desktop wallpapers, too! They can change so easily, and they can totally set a mood. Right now mine is a photo of my 8 month old son playing with a clementine.

    I love the middle one here, with the flowers. So darling :)

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) do you really do these necklaces and bracelets? I really like them!
    hope see you soon on my blog

  3. Sofi Stellar, oooh... I'm pretty sure your face lights up each time you see your desktop!

    Sara, yeah I made them all, thank you sooo much for the sweet compliment!