Saturday, February 26, 2011

a fruitful week

this week has been a fruitful time of crafting, I managed to get 3 bracelets & a matching set done!

The family is busy today, everyone seems to have their Saturday plans filled to the brim already, that means I'm left alone to entertain myself  ;))

Might as well get the photos done for my new pieces, list list list & hopefully the 'made in february' section wouldn't look that bare anymore.
hmm... looks like it's a (fun filled?) day of hard work for me, wish me luck!

When I get bored I guess I'll do some bloghopping, which is always fun!
In fact I'm tempted to ditch all the listing plans and dive right into the many blogs I haven't had time to catch up with, yikes!

Concentrate, mei, concentrate!

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