Sunday, February 6, 2011

january round up

Magical bracelet

Say hello to February, woot!

January was a hardworking month, updated my etsy store with 18 new pieces and working a lot more on local orders. For the first time in my 2 year old local store I had a waiting list! Not exactly a good thing, because I was feeling rather terrible that my buyers have to wait, I used to ship orders out within 2 days, or 3 days max. During the busy period last month, it stretched up to 2 weeks... Oh my! On the other hand, I'm absolutely thrilled that they would be so sweet to wait for me, some even told me to 'take your time, it's alright'.
Aww..... :))

January was busy partly due to the Chinese New Year celebrations in early February. The Chinese all dress up in their new clothes so I was rushing to get all orders completed by then. How relieved I was when they were all done!

I'm taking a week off too this Spring Festival (as it is known in China), I think it's almost 6 days already since I last played with my pliers, definitely one of the longest periods I have gone without working at my bead table!

My fingers are itching, ideas are spinning around in mind, I guess it's a signal for me to lodge myself at my favourite spot at home ;)
Pretty sure I will having a blast beading away this noon!
(before relatives start dropping by my home & the dinner tonight, chinese new year is my most cherished time of the year)

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  1. I love your jewelry. My favorite item in the Sparrow necklace! Keep up the amazing work. <3