Friday, February 11, 2011

yesterday I cleaned my table....

I had some friends dropping by yesterday, so I thought it would be good to at least tidy up my workbench a lil.
Pic above is my partially cleaned table, I had no where to store those 2 strands of beads (my mum's!) so I left them there as deco ;)

Salmon pink flower is a piece I'm going to work on today for a local buyer, super fun!

Anyway, let's not talk bout my work area because I'm pretty sure it's gonna be messy again in no time...
so here are 2 inspiring spaces I saw on Lindsay's blog the other day

Eclectic Whatnot

wow...! such an organized shipping station...

this is from Oh Sweet Joy!, I love that the garland matches her studio :)
Oh Sweet Joy!

Such lovely spaces to work in, now it would be a big fat lie if I say I'm not a teeny weeny bit envious! ;)

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