Monday, February 7, 2011

oil that never ceases


I love my bible and read it almost daily (on some days I backslide / lazy / have lots of excuses). Today as I was reading about Elisha & the widow's oil, I found some spiritual nuggets that I have to share.
(if unfamiliar with the story, do refer here, just 9 verses!)

I'm a 3 year old Christian and did not grow up in a Christian background so do bear with what I have learned as I read the scriptures.

It says in verse 6 that as the jars were all filled and there was none left anymore, "so the oil ceased". While I have read this story a couple of times already, this verse suddenly came 'alive' to me. I learn that as long as we have a place in heart for God to fill us, as long as we desire Him, as long as there is a vessel within us that seeks His presence, He never stops indwelling us, in fact in increasing measure! Just like the oil ceased to flow when there were no more jars, we stop feeling the presence of God when other things in life begin to take over, be it worries or things we crave so deeply for.

I speak from my own experience, I would get so excited about a bead purchase that I couldn't stop thinking about it, even during my nightly devotion time, those shiny new beads never stop to twirl in my head and the bible just seem so boring compared to my latest loot. How deceived I was! In the end I felt emptier than ever as the bead parcel arrived. Little things that took my focus away, or in other words, I allowed created things to dethrone the rightful place of my Creator.

As much as I like making jewellery, I now know there is a need for a balance. Hobbies that delight my heart are certainly good and I thank God for them, yet I must make sure they never consume my thoughts and prayerfully, there is always a 'vessel' within me for God to fill! :)

I write this mainly as a note & reminder to self, yet at the same time I hope it speaks to you as well, thanks for reading!

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