Monday, August 29, 2011

many hearts

love: heart pendants :)

I first used this heart link in this bracelet, liked it so much that I ordered in a huge bulk (just a small portion photographed here), I think I went overboard because now my drawer is overflowing with these lovely hearts....
(another voice in my head defensively says pretty things are for keeps!)
But the good thing is I can now make interlocked necklaces that I have been dreaming about, no need to skimp or keep counting if I have enough for other projects :)
 Here are the pieces I worked on during the weekend, I made it in 2 different lengths since I can't decide which one I like better...

available here

At the same time, linking up over at Much Love,


  1. Wow. All of your jewelry is amazing. I tend to like the stuff that's not so brightly colored. I really like the heart pendants. Any idea what kind of metal it is? Or is it painted?

  2. I love the joined hearts! Super pretty xx

  3. hey Lola, it's brass plated :)

    thank you for the comments!