Tuesday, August 23, 2011

monochromatic // work for today

being someone who likes all things colourful, as evidently seen in the plethora of colours in my store, today's work seem to be in total contradiction to my usual style.... 

Glad my stubborn self refused to budge and followed the original black, white & grey idea, because in the end, I LOVE this! 

Coincidentally, I had a remake of Starlight to do ...

so it was all monochromatic shades today, as much as I adore the above two pieces, i'm getting back to colours tomorrow!


  1. I think they are beautiful, great choices! And sometimes it is all that you need!

  2. where can I find an e-mail address for contact?

    alexandra @

  3. thanks Natalia!

    Alexandra, you can contact me at
    craftedbymei [at] gmail [dot] com