Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was at a craft shop last weekend to pick up some alphabet beads for a local buyer's bracelets (more on that later when everything has finalised), and these gorgeous mix of teal, purple & blue bead strands hung together caught my eye. Reminds me of the sea! Made a mental note and quickly worked on this bracelet as soon as I found time. (I hate it when I have everything envisioned in my mind only to lose it later just as I was getting my pliers ready, ughh!)

I have taken only 1 photo of this, will be listing as soon as the photos are done! (I work pretty slow, do bear with me!)
Added in a teal chrysanthemum in the center as the focal piece, cabochons are my favourite materials to work with :)

As a side note, I read in a magazine today that the pairing up of purple & black is the most sophisticated colour combo, it was referring to a dress but I have something in mind already, am going to make something out of this regal hue ;)

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