Friday, October 15, 2010

New store banner

I have been meaning to design a new store banner for some time already, been procrastinating as graphics is not exactly my area of interest.

But I'm a happy girl today as not only is the store banner done, I'm changing the blog banner too, yay!

 Let's have a recap of my past banners:

My very first banner! I made this in 5 minutes, was too eager to have my shop set up that I was lazy to incorporate the jewellery pics into the background.
Someone commented the pics were a bit blurry which prompted me to change it.

 I was quite satisfied with this until my sister mentioned it didn't fit well with my store and the pink made my store look childish :(
(She told me about it long ago but I kept finding excuses to justify that it was okay, not until I spent some time looking at my store that I felt it was time for a change)

 and finally, here's the new one!
 Clean & simple, this goes well with the store (at least that's what I like to think!)
Just 2 pictures of my bracelets and it was really easy to do too, all I did was resize, rotate, added in store name plus a thin black border.

Time to gather some opinions!

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