Monday, October 18, 2010

bead storage

I'm always facing a shortage of storage space for my beads (what a mouthful, try reading that line fast!), with my never-ending hunt for new supplies every other month. I have got 9 containers stashed out across the bead table (all filled with beads, with some compartments having mixes of beads!) and plenty more in plastics bags. It's a nice problem though, I like seeing these beads and new ones never fail to inspire me :)

I'm expecting some new supplies to arrive sometime end of this week so I cleared up 1 of my containers. These are beads my sister bought for me while holidaying, mainly lucite ones that I rarely use anymore. So instead of them taking up 'prime spot' on the table, I decided to pack them into plastic bags and have them kept at another corner. These mini bags are recycled from beads that came loose in packs instead of strands, I have got a stack of them after accumulating for few years, put to good use here, yay!

Misson accomplished!
All beads stacked neatly, ready to be stored away. (this means I would be using them even less when they are out of sight, definitely need a proper destashing plan to prevent myself from too much hoarding!).
I did find some 'gems' though while clearing up the box, made a bracelet from 9 lucite hearts, will be listing it in store sometime this week.

Anyway, as you can see, the empty container is now all ready to welcome the new arrivals, I can't wait!

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