Friday, October 8, 2010



You know how sometimes you get all excited over a new project and you have no one to share it with? Well, this place is where I talk about beads & more beads!
(& probably some other random stuff that comes to mind)

My mum taught me beading years ago but I never had the time to really indulge myself silly into it. That was until 2008 when I was forced to take a break in life, had lots of time to ponder about everything I never bothered about, met Christ along the way & converted to Christianity, read many beading blogs & decided to try my hands at it.

From simple earring projects to more elaborate designs, I amassed too many beads for my personal use. Started selling my handmade pieces to locals in 2009 and finally took the plunge in April 2010 with my etsy store.

So feel free to journey on with me here.... :)


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