Friday, October 29, 2010

box of goodies

Psst... seriously yummy stuff inside!

 It came in an old torn yogurt box (can't see here), but as long as it was taped and arrived safely it didn't matter how bad it looked.
Of course, the delicious loads of stuff more than made up for the bad packaging!

This pic was taken under yellow lighting so it came up blurry & yellowish, the only area that uses white light in my house is the table lamp on my work bench, hmm... my home is definitely not suitable for photos!
Let's move on to the next photo, since this doesn't do my beads any justice ;)

 Not that this does either, lol, sometimes I have no idea what I'm talking about!
Anyway, this was taken in the midst of unpacking & sorting the beads into its compartments, took me quite a while as there were 100++ tiny bags. At least they were the resealable type so I can reuse for other findings.

 Got some flower cabochons as well, these are the ones I'm using for a customized local bulk order I'm currently working on.
(pics will be posted here once they are completed, almost there!)

I absolutely can't wait to dig my hands into my latest loot once the orders on hand are done :P

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