Friday, October 22, 2010

sewing pattern

I have not touched my sewing machine for a whole 2 months now, yikes!
I found a pattern I like over at Burda, see if you can guess what it is ;)

If this turns out successful I'll definitely post it here, but seeing that my sewing skills are amateur-ish, I'm actually in doubt. Good thing I have my mum to help me :)

 The pattern photo I have taken was so boring that I had to add some photoshop effects to it, so if you are wondering where I got the polaroid photo frame, hop over HERE. Awesome site with lots of cool textures, vectors & brushes.
(those sticky tapes are from there too!)

they have got zippers also:
I love these! No idea why I would need them though!

Here's another site with yummy freebies: PuglyPixel. Note the deco tapes :)
Click on this link if you would like some flower cabochon clip arts. 
Have fun!

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